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How To Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

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The Atlantic hurricane season in the United States extends from June 1 to November 30, and with sustained winds of 74 mph or greater, these storms can cause significant property damage. Roof damage is one of the most common types of damage caused by hurricanes.

High winds can rip off shingles, roof tiles, and even roof decking. Falling limbs, flying objects, and debris can cause shingles and tiles to crack or create holes in your roof.

However, roof wind damage isn’t always so easily visible from the ground. Signs of wind damage also include creased, loose, or missing shingles and granule loss. These damages can lead to severe problems, such as roof rot, mold and bacteria growth, and water leaking into your home. In light of this, it’s critical that property owners prepare their roofs for hurricane season.

So, how do you protect your property? While there is no such thing as a hurricane-proof roof, you can take steps to prepare your roof before hurricane season.

Here are five steps you can take to prepare your roof for hurricane season.

1. Schedule a Roof Inspection

Don’t wait for a storm to hit to contact a roofing professional. Your roof takes a beating daily from the weather. In fact, your roof may already have damage. Schedule a professional roof inspection before the next big storm.

Most roof damage is undetectable by the untrained eye. A professional roof inspection will be able to detect if there’s existing damage, which can leave your roof more vulnerable to damage during a storm.

2. Trim Nearby Trees

Strong winds can tear branches from trees and even uproot trees. Before any storms hit, inspect your property for dead or low-hanging branches that may potentially damage your roof and trim them back. Contact a professional arborist to remove dead trees from your property, so they don’t fall during a storm.

3. Clear Gutters & Drains

Your gutters are an essential part of your roof system. Gutters carry water away from your roof down to the ground. Clogged gutters or drains can cause water to back up in the gutters and settle on your roof, increasing the possibility of water leaking into your home.

4. Secure Outdoor Furniture & Projectiles

Flying debris is a significant hazard during hurricanes. Lawn furniture and smaller objects, such as planters or tools, can become deadly projectiles in hurricane-force winds. Move all small items inside the garage, shed, or home to protect your family and property. Secure large items that can’t be moved inside with tie-downs.

5. Keep Important Documentation Handy

Ensure your insurance information, applicable warranties, and other necessary documentation are kept in a safe place in case you need them.

In addition, save photos of your property before any storms to document its condition prior to storm damage. Information from lost or destroyed documents may be difficult to retrieve, making storm restoration a more complex process.

Kris Konstruction Proactive Roofing Solutions

With over 30 years of roofing experience, Kris Konstruction can help you prepare your roof for hurricane season. Our professional roofing specialists will come out and perform a complimentary roof inspection to assess the condition of your entire roof system.

We’ll provide a comprehensive report with digital photos identifying any damage or potential problem areas. We’ll also be with you every step of the way with any insurance claim process. Kris Konstruction has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and we back up our work with a lifetime labor warranty.

Trust the professionals with over three decades of experience to help you protect your home or business.

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Lifetime Labor Guarantee Kris Konstruction offers a full
Unconditional Labor Guarantee
with every home we remodel.
LEARN MORE *Some restrictions apply.
Lifetime Labor Guarantee Kris Konstruction offers a full Unconditional Labor Guarantee with every home we remodel. LEARN MORE *Some restrictions apply.
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