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Roofing Testimonials 1

I live in a very windy neighborhood and my roof loses many shingles each year. I called Kris Konstruction to come to the house to assess the damage and make any necessary repairs. My roof is about 11 years old, but looks much older as the original builder used very cheap roofing shingles.
Don, who was worker sent out by the company arrived on time an assessed the roofing situation. He told me what was damaged and needed to be fixed, and what I was looking at in terms of time and materials. He also told me about problem areas that, while did not need immediate attention, would likely have to be repaired down the road. He also confirmed my suspicions about the entire roof and the quality (or lack thereof) of the current shingles.
He repaired all the damage that was urgent, and we discussed replacing the entire roof with quality architectural shingles. He is going to work with me to provide my homeowners association with the application materials needed to replace my roof.
I highly recommend this company. They don’t try to oversell you anything. They point out what needs to be fixed (urgent), and other problem areas that you should keep an eye on. They also do much more than roof repairs (house additions, kitchen/bath remodels, decks, siding, etc.).

Paul Pinciaro – Millersville , MD
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