Flood Restoration Services in the Northeast

Water damage caused by leaks or floods does more than damage your personal possessions. It can cause structural damage, wreck wiring, and create conditions in which mold and mildew can thrive. At Kris Konstruction, we are available 24/7 to help homeowners recover from the shock and damage rising floodwaters can cause.

Contact Kris Konstruction at (855) 446-1850 to learn more about the flood restoration services we provide to homeowners in Harford County and the surrounding areas.

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Kris Konstruction Can Help

Prompt and effective action is required when floodwaters damage your home. Our water restoration specialists use advanced technologies and techniques to dry the area quickly and minimize the damage to the structure. Once the structure is stabilized, we will perform a thorough multipoint inspection and developed a comprehensive plan of action to restore your home. Our craftsmen are experts at removing damaged elements and replacing them with like and kind materials that will leave your home looking as if nothing ever happened.

Protect Your Maryland Home From Further Damage

Whether floodwaters are rushing in or a fire sprinkler has gone off, you must take swift action to protect your home and possessions from damage. You should immediately turn off the electricity and gas and evacuate the structure until the water subsides if you are in the home. At this time, it’s also a good idea to notify your homeowners insurance provider.

Once the water clears, you should don some protective gear and inspect the home. You should remove any valuables, furniture, appliances, etc., from flood-damaged rooms. Within 24 hours, you should contact a flood restoration service to do the rest. You should not attempt to remove flooring, drywall, insulation, etc., as you can cause further damage to the home.

Don’t wait when floodwaters threaten your home. Contact Kris Konstruction at (855) 446-1850 to speak with our team. We are available 24/7 and will respond promptly to your needs.

When Water Damage Repair or Flood Restoration Is the Best Option

A professional can generally repair water damage caused by faulty plumbing, malfunctioning appliances, fire sprinklers, etc. In most cases, the damage is limited and does not require extensive renovation. Conversely, flood damage is considerably more severe. When floodwaters enter the home, they bring with them debris and toxins that negatively affect your health. Moreover, the sheer volume of water can cause significant damage to drywall, framing, flooring, etc. As a general rule, the more water within the home, the more extensive the renovation required to restore the home to pre-flood condition.

You Can Depend on Kris Konstruction!

Since 1990, homeowners throughout the region have counted on our teams in their hour of need. We work quickly and adhere to strict quality controls and procedures to deliver superior quality flood restoration services. Your home is your castle, and when floodwaters breach it, we’ll help you rebuild the walls that make your castle a home.

Contact Kris Konstruction at (855) 446-1850 to learn more about the water and flood restoration services we offer. It’s our pleasure to answer your questions and tell you more about the reliable practices and processes we apply to restore your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flood Restoration

Does my homeowners policy cover flood damage?

Most policies do not cover flood damage unless you have a rider that provides coverage. However, most policies do cover damage caused by water leaks, i.e., faulty plumbing, malfunctioning appliances, etc.

How do you remediate and restore a home that's damaged?

We first remove all the water and dry the home. We make sure to ventilate the structure and assess the damage properly. We’ll protect the home from rodent/pest infestation, remove debris, and compile a comprehensive checklist of the structural and electrical work required to restore the home. This will guide our teams as we secure and install the materials required to repair the home.

Lifetime Labor Guarantee Kris Konstruction offers a full
Unconditional Labor Guarantee
with every home we remodel.
LEARN MORE *Some restrictions apply.
Lifetime Labor Guarantee Kris Konstruction offers a full Unconditional Labor Guarantee with every home we remodel. LEARN MORE *Some restrictions apply.
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