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Signs You Need Your Roof Replaced

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A roof is one of the most important components of a home. A sturdy roof protects your home from wind, snow, rain, hail, sun, and flying or falling debris. It insulates your home from the cold and reflects the sun’s UV rays, providing energy savings.

It also improves your home’s curb appeal and adds value to your house. With all this in mind, it’s essential to ensure your roof is in peak condition to protect you and your property.

So how do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? Sometimes the answer is not as obvious as a leak or severe storm damage. Below are a few signs that you need your roof replaced.

Dark Streaks on Your Roof

Residential roof with dark streaks visible.

Those dark streaks on your roof are not dirt, soot, mold, or mildew. Algae causes dark streaks on your roof. Algae spores are airborne and thus, can spread quickly from rooftop to rooftop. Algae forms a coating that protects it from UV rays, which causes black discoloration. If left on your roof too long, the algae can begin to break down the asphalt shingles, prematurely aging them. 

Moss on Your Roof

Moss grows primarily in cool, moist, shaded areas. However, some species have adapted to survive in sunny, humid environments. Like algae, moss is airborne but appears as green patches or clumps on your roof. Moss acts as a moisture blanket on your roof, retaining water and allowing bacteria and mold to grow, which will cause your roof to rot.

Missing Shingle Granules

Over time, exposure to the elements will cause uniform granule loss. An increase in granule loss that leaves bare patches on the shingles, though, may indicate your roof is old and may have other damage not easily observed from the ground. 

Sudden granule loss may result from severe weather, such as hail storms. Hail damage is detrimental to your roofing system as it may cause pitting, allowing moisture to get trapped and reducing the life span of your roof.

Curled, Broken, or Missing Shingles

Close shot of broken asphalt shingles hanging from roof.

Roof shingles may curl at the edges for many reasons, such as age, poor insulation, or inadequate attic ventilation. These curled edges leave the roof exposed to moisture and often cause roofs to rot.

Broken or missing shingles may be easier to spot and may result from age or storm damage. As with curled shingles, broken or missing shingles expose the roof to moisture, jeopardizing your roof’s integrity. 

Water Damage

Sometimes the first indication that your roof needs replacing isn’t from the roof itself but the inside of your home. Water stains or moldy patches on your ceiling or attic are caused by moisture or water damage and are likely the first sign that your roof needs help.

Kris Konstruction Quality Roofing Services

Kris Konstruction is the leading local contractor for roof replacements in parts of Baltimore and Harford County. We have installed tens of thousands of roofs throughout MD, VA, PA, DE, NJ, and FL since 1990. 

At Kris Konstruction, we provide affordable, professional, and reliable roofing solutions. And we back that up with our Lifetime Labor Warranty!

We offer flat, metal, tile, and asphalt shingle roofing. Using satellite imagery, we can quickly obtain precise measurements of your roof to promptly provide a free estimate and bring roofing samples to your home. A roof inspection can help identify any issues before you start seeing damage to the inside of your home. 

Whether your roof is at the end of its life or is leaking, we’ll provide a free roof inspection and estimate. We’ll also see if you qualify for a roof paid for by your homeowners insurance! 

Contact us at Kris Konstruction at 410-592-3935 to schedule your FREE roof inspection!

Lifetime Labor Guarantee Kris Konstruction offers a full
Unconditional Labor Guarantee
with every home we remodel.
LEARN MORE *Some restrictions apply.
Lifetime Labor Guarantee Kris Konstruction offers a full Unconditional Labor Guarantee with every home we remodel. LEARN MORE *Some restrictions apply.
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