Lifetime Labor Guarantee

Our Lifetime Labor Guarantee

At Kris Konstruction, we understand that your home is more than just a place to live—it’s a cornerstone of your life. That’s why we’re committed to not only delivering exceptional quality in every project we undertake but also ensuring your peace of mind for years to come. Our unparalleled Lifetime Labor Guarantee represents our confidence in our workmanship and our dedication to your satisfaction.

Why Our Lifetime Labor Guarantee is Your Ultimate Assurance

  • Unwavering Quality: Our Lifetime Labor Guarantee is not just a promise; it’s a testament to the high standards of our work. This guarantee covers all craftsmanship performed by Kris Konstruction for as long as you own your home, ensuring that the quality you expect is the quality you continue to enjoy.

    Sample copy of Kris Konstruction's Lifetime Labor Warranty.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Unlike many construction companies that offer limited warranties, Kris Konstruction stands by our work indefinitely. Our confidence in our construction and craftsmanship allows us to offer this extraordinary guarantee, setting us apart from competitors.

  • Financial Security: Knowing that your investment is protected for the lifetime of your installation provides unmatched financial peace of mind. Our guarantee remains active once your contract is fully paid, ensuring that your investment in your home is secure.

  • Hassle-Free Solutions: Should any issues arise due to our workmanship, we will address them without any labor charges. Our commitment to hassle-free resolutions underscores our dedication to your satisfaction and to maintaining the integrity of your home.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the foundation to the roof, our guarantee covers all workmanship aspects, offering a comprehensive safety net. While product warranties vary by manufacturer, our labor guarantee ensures that you won’t bear the cost of reinstalling defective products.

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Beyond the Standard: Why Others Don’t Offer This Guarantee

The Lifetime Labor Guarantee offered by Kris Konstruction is not a common offering for several reasons:

  • Cost: Many companies avoid offering such extensive warranties due to the potential costs involved. At Kris Konstruction, we view this as an investment in customer satisfaction and long-term relationships.

  • Confidence: A lifetime guarantee requires unwavering confidence in the quality of workmanship. Our team of skilled professionals and our rigorous quality control processes allow us to offer this level of assurance.

  • Customer Focus: We prioritize our clients’ peace of mind and satisfaction above all else. This client-centric approach motivates us to offer guarantees that others might not consider.

  • Industry Standards: While minimal warranties might be the norm, Kris Konstruction aims to exceed industry standards. Our Lifetime Labor Guarantee is a reflection of our mission to elevate the construction experience for our clients.

Investing in Your Home’s Future

Choosing Kris Konstruction means investing in your home’s future with confidence. Our Lifetime Labor Guarantee is more than just a warranty—it’s a commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer service for the lifetime of your home.

By entrusting your construction projects to Kris Konstruction, you’re not only enhancing your home today; you’re securing its value for tomorrow. Let’s build a future together where every detail is crafted with excellence, and every project stands the test of time.

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For this warranty to be valid, the contract must be paid in full. This warranty covers all workmanship for the lifetime of the installation. Product warranties will vary based on the manufacturer. The replacement cost of defective products is solely the homeowner’s responsibility.

Kris Konstruction will remove defective products and install replacements at no labor cost under this warranty. Any hard­scaping is covered for one year, excluding cracks in any concrete work. This warranty does not cover issues due to misuse, abuse, or an act of God (storm, flood, etc.).

Lifetime Labor Guarantee Kris Konstruction offers a full
Unconditional Labor Guarantee
with every home we remodel.
LEARN MORE *Some restrictions apply.
Lifetime Labor Guarantee Kris Konstruction offers a full Unconditional Labor Guarantee with every home we remodel. LEARN MORE *Some restrictions apply.
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