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Do you have leak problems? Does your phone ring constantly? Let us inspect your roof, assist with maintenance of it and make that ringing stop! Call us today for a FREE initial roof inspection

Who we are:

Commercial and Residential General Contractor with 30 years of experience servicing customers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

What we do:

  • Roofing and Exteriors Inspections (Click here to view sample report)
  • Roofing (Shingle, membrane, standing seam, etc)
  • Exteriors (Siding, veneer, etc)
  • Roofing and Exterior Restoration (Specialty division to assist with insurance claim process)

Kris Konstruction Roof Preventative Maintenance Program:

Most of us do not consider preventative maintenance on our roof. We all simply take our roof for granted and assume it is working fine until one day it is leaking in our living room and we then need to become reactionary to fix it. Often times costing us much more than it would have in repairs than it would have if we would have been doing some preventative maintenance to avoid the damages in the first place. Much the same way we do with the vehicles we drive we are promoting a more PROACTIVE approach.

Kris Konstruction offer:

FREE initial inspection and roof evaluation report: Detailed report which will provide you not only our findings with photo documentation but also a complete evaluation of the life expectancy of your roof and projected replacement costs vs maintenance costs for the coming year. Click here to view sample report

Benefits to Inspection and Maintenance Program:

  1. Minimize repair costs: Making minor repairs before damage occurs from a leak is much less expensive than repairing interiors once a leak occurs.
  2. Budgeting for a new roof: We how found that only the most savvy owner’s budget for replacement roofing but even those that do are only guessing at the remaining life on their roof. Our report will provide you with a remaining life expectancy estimate from one of our professionals which will give you a more accurate account for budgeting purposes.
  3. Storm repairs: We specialize in storm repairs. Very often we have found that Owners have experienced storm damaged to their roof structures without even knowing it. Many times shortening the life of their roof and most times missing out on their entitlement to a new roof from their insurance company. Our reports will identify storm damage for you.
  4. Priority Storm Repairs: Lastly, what most Owner’s don’t plan for is what will happen during a significant storm event. During most major storm events there are not enough roofing contractors around to manage the volume of work generated. Leaving you days or weeks after a storm with no one to be able to stop the leaking. Being a part of our Preventative Maintenance Program makes you one of our priority customers with a guarantee response time to get you dried in. This will help you avoid getting busy signals after a major storm event when you most need the help. We will already be on our way to you before you pick up the phone.

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